Britney Spears Shows Sassy Side In 'X Factor' Promo

In 17-second promo, Spears seems to be taking a page from Simon Cowell's judging book.

If anyone thought Britney Spears might be the nicest person on the "X Factor" judges' panel, then they might want to think again.

In a new 17-second promo for the show, Spears shows off she's got quite a lot of critical bad-girl sass lurking deep down inside that sweet Southern demeanor. Some of her choice quips from the super-short teaser, posted on the Los Angeles Times website, include, "You can't destroy that song, sweetie," "Very predictable" "Bad to the bone," and "You definitely don't have the 'X Factor.' " Oh, snap!

While fans won't get to see what other criticisms Spears shares with the show's hopefuls until the "X Factor" debuts on September 12, in a new backstage interview taken at auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina, Spears opened up about her judging style.

"It's about using constructive criticism. You know these people are driving so far out of their way to come in and to perform and put themselves out there," Spears explains, in the clip posted on Idolator. "It's really kind of hard to tell some of them no."

She added that she has a very visceral reaction when there's a bad audition. "I usually can't look when they're bad. I can't look," she said, adding that she has also seen a lot of talent while out on the road. "There have been extremely talented people, very good."

Now that the audition process is over, the next step for Spears and her "X Factor" judges is boot camp."Wow can't believe @TheXFactorUSA auditions are over," Spears tweeted on Tuesday. "So much FUN... bring on boot camp!"