'Dark Knight Rises' Star Explains: Who Is John Blake?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells MTV News the mysterious cop is 'an idealist amongst cynics.'

From the outside looking in, Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be one of those rare successful actors who isn't concerned about his status of being a celebrity in Hollywood. He's an artist who chooses his projects carefully, whether their budgets and audience be blockbuster or indie-sized.

As such, Gordon-Levitt didn't have to sign on to play John Blake in the very highly anticipated blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises", but he sure was happy to do so — and not just because it meant re-teaming with "Inception" director Chris Nolan and producer Emma Thomas.

"First Chris and Emma invited me over for dinner before they had a draft of the script, and they just told me about it, which was pretty cool," Gordon-Levitt told MTV News of how his casting came to be. "Then a couple months later, they had me over again to actually read it. I did know [about the role] because he told me, but it was just hard to believe."

Gordon-Levitt's character has been equally hard to believe for the millions of Batman fans, who still aren't sure what to make of John Blake because we have no idea whether he's good, evil, a future hero in disguise, etc. So according to Gordon-Levitt, exactly who is John Blake and why was the actor excited to play him?

"Well, what I love about John Blake is that he's an idealist amongst cynics. Gotham has become a cynical place. People are going with the status quo, and the fat cats are getting fatter," he explained. "He's this rookie cop who's like, 'Wait a minute,' and asking questions. Questioning authority doesn't always get you the best reception, especially when you're new, but you've got to love a principled guy who actually wants to be a good cop and isn't just looking out for his own job or some sort of kickback," he added. "He cares about Gotham and he wants to be a good cop."

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