Carly Rae Jepsen Vs. Herself: Dueling Summer Jams!

Jepsen and 'Good Time' collaborator Owl City talk to MTV News about competing with her other hit, 'Call Me Maybe.'

Carly Rae Jepsen might have two major summer jams on her hands, with her chart-topping "Call Me Maybe" and her latest feel-good track, the Owl City collabo "Good Time."

With the song permeating pop culture, Owl City's Adam Young confessed he's just excited to be in the company of the Canadian hitmaker.

"It's a little bit scary," he told MTV News on the set of the music video when asked if he had considered that he might have just released the song of the summer. "But my friend Carly Rae has #1, like, right now, so I feel like my back is kind of covered, 'cause she's got it made. And I'm lucky to be along for the ride. So I'd say 'Call Me Maybe' is the competition, and I'm living it up."

As for Jepsen, she's not thinking too much about how the song does on the charts. "I think you can never focus on that too [much] when you put out music," she explained. "It's not about where you are on the chart. It's just about putting out music that feels good, that you wanna sing and that hopefully other people enjoy too."

For Young, he can't believe he was able to get Jepsen on the track with him, so their duet, it seems, has been gift enough. "So often the final product, the final result sometimes never exceeds the expectation," he said. "For me, this has happened, and here I am with Carly Rae and it turned out so, so good. So for me, it's a total dream come true."

The song is the lead single from Owl City's August album, The Midsummer Station, and will also be featured on Jepsen's September debut album. "I'm really flattered I got that opportunity, 'cause it's a song I dig," Jepsen said.

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