Comic-Con's 10 Can't-Miss TV Panels

From 'Game of Thrones' to 'Walking Dead' and beyond, these are the television events you absolutely can't miss at Comic-Con this year.

Don't let the name fool you: Comic-Con is all about television. Between hit shows like "Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones" to throwbacks like the epic "Firefly" reunion, TV is the medium to beat at San Diego this year. Figuring out exactly which TV panels to attend is not an enviable task, of course, so we're here to make the choices a little easier on you.

Read on for the 10 can't-miss TV panels at Comic-Con this year!

Preview Night's Pilot Screening Lineup

When & Where: Wednesday at 6PM in Ballroom 20

» Forget the shows you already know and love for a minute. How about the shows you're going to know and love? Several pilots are screening during Comic-Con's preview night, including The CW's "Arrow," the Terry O'Quinn-starring "666 Park Avenue," the J.J. Abrams-produced "Revolution" and more. It's never too early to start planning your fall DVR habits!


When & Where: Thursday at 6PM in Ballroom 20

» The serial killer of serial killers is back for an all-new season, and the biggest question I want answered is ... huh. I guess I don't have any big questions I want answered. "Dexter" lost me right around the time it lost the Trinity Killer, but if anything can sway me back, it's a new landscape where Deb Morgan knows all about her adopted brother's bloody little secret. The "Dexter" panel at Comic-Con should definitely be an eye-opener for the show's loyalists, and could even lure back some of the more jaded fans, like yours truly.


When & Where: Friday at 10AM in Ballroom 20

» That whole "six seasons and a movie" plan didn't exactly account for the continued presence of Dan Harmon, did it? The "Community" panel will be your first opportunity to see how Harmon's unceremonious exit from the NBC comedy will affect the cast members he left behind. It's a must-see event for those concerned about the future of Greendale Community College and its students, that's for sure.

"Firefly 10th Anniversary"

When & Where: Friday at 12:30PM in Ballroom 20

» Browncoats, assemble! Ten years have passed since the creation and way-too-swift cancellation of Joss Whedon's "Firefly," but the crew of Serenity lives on. Whedon, Nathan Fillion and a whole host of your favorite "Firefly" veterans will be on hand for the special commemorative panel. But don't just aim to misbehave; aim to be there early. This room is going to fill out faster than you can say bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-ro.

"The Walking Dead"

When & Where: Friday at 1:25PM in Hall H

» After an unbalanced season two, the stage is set for a full-fledged rebound for season three of "Walking Dead." With two fan-favorite characters dead and gone, the way is clear for the arrival of two new possible faves: The Governor and Michonne, played by David Morrissey and Danai Gurira respectively. They'll both be on hand along with the rest of the "Dead" cast and crew to field your brain-craving questions and to premiere new footage from the new season. Killer!

"Game of Thrones"

When & Where: Friday at 2:45PM in Hall H

» So what if Kit Harington and Lena Headey can't make it to Comic-Con? Plenty of your other favorite Westerosi warriors will be on hand for the "Thrones" panel this year. With season three currently in production, it's a fair bet that you'll see some brand new scenes featuring the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and the imp Tyrion Lannister, too. But a quick word of caution for spoiler-phobes: the dreaded initials "RW" are bound to pop up numerous times throughout the panel, and if any overzealous fan gets too into detail about said initials, you'll want to clear the room immediately. Consider yourself warned.

"Breaking Bad"

When & Where: Friday at 6:45PM in Ballroom 20

» The king is dead. Long live the king! Heisenberg is back with a fresh new batch of the blue stuff, and joining him at Comic-Con is the entire cast of the AMC drug drama, as well as creator Vince Gilligan. If you're a "Breaking Bad" addict, you have to be at this panel. Early word is that they'll be showing the season premiere's cold open, and trust me... it's a doozy. You won't want to miss it.

Marvel Television Presents

When & Where: Saturday at 10:30AM in Room 6BCF

» An unlikely candidate on this list, given that Marvel's television efforts have primarily dealt in animation thus far. But that's very likely to change in the near future; several live-action TV shows based on Marvel characters are in development, most notably "Hulk" at the hands of Guillermo del Toro. A lot of time has passed since any information on the "Hulk" front, but given the character's resurgence in "The Avengers," it feels like the time for a major announcement is just days away.


When & Where: Sunday at 10AM in Hall H

» There are only 13 episodes left in Fox's critically worshipped but criminally underviewed sci-fi series. And by all accounts, season five is looking to be the best season yet. The whole cast will be on hand, as well showrunner J.H. Wyman, and they're all guaranteed to have lots of interesting intel on the show's Observer-filled final season. It's your last chance to check out "Fringe" at Comic-Con, too; if you're even a casual fan of the show, I advise you to swing by.

"Sons of Anarchy"

When & Where: Sunday at 2:45PM in Hall H

» Comic-Con closes out its TV offerings in style this year, with a badass grim reaper kutte and a stage filled with bike-riding outlaws. "Sons of Anarchy," hot on the heels of its best season yet, has never been in a more interesting place than it is now. Kurt Sutter, Charlie Hunnam and the rest of the SAMCRO gang are sure to bring down the house with this first look at the new Jax Teller-led regime.

Which TV panels are you checking out at Comic-Con this year? Tell us in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter @roundhoward!

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