Shawty Lo Recruits 50 Cent, 2 Chainz On Millon Dollar Mixtape

'This mixtape is a 'hood classic,' L-O tells Mixtape Daily of new release.

Main Pick

Headliners: Shawty Lo and DJ Holiday

Representing: Atlanta, Georgia

Mixtape: Million Dollar Man

Real Spit: Shawty Lo knows how to hustle. The Atlanta trap star successfully parlayed his street business to the record business and hasn't looked back since. Granted, it's been four years since L-O dropped his last official album, his 2008 debut Units in the City, but the Bowen Homes has consistently worked the streets with potent mixtape material. Million Dollar Man is just the latest.

"This mixtape is a 'hood classic — it's the first time ever me and DJ Holiday hooking up," Shawty Lo told Mixtape Daily of his newest street selection.

Mr. Dunn Dunn sums up his position in the game best on "Dat White Girl." Over a bass-rattling track provided by DJ London, L-O spits, "I'm a millionaire, and I ain't got a degree/ What you do in a year, Shawty do in a week."

On "New Money," Shawty Lo hooks up with his city's brightest young star, Cash Out, and on "Talk of the Town" he links with his G-Unit partner 50 Cent. L-O and Fif ride a percussive, motivational ode where they detail their respective rises from the bottom to the top.

There are a number of guest appearances. In addition to Cash Out and 50, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz both are featured on two separate tracks, and Jim Jones, Future, Alley Boy and Gorilla Zoe also lend helping hands. Still, throughout Million Dollar Man's 21 tracks, Shawty Lo makes sure to stay true to his patented trap sound and give his fans their money's worth.

Joints to Check For

»"Only Da Strong Survive": "Holiday said, 'This sound like the intro.' So we spiced it up. It's called 'Only Da Strong Survive.' I feel like I'm the only D-Man. I feel like I survived this thing, man. I'm still here, I'm getting it. Big up to all my haters, we in here."

»"Talk of the Town": "That's what the streets is talkin' right now, me and my main man, my boss 50 Cent, Curtis. We went crazy on this. It's called 'Talk of the Town' so y'all get ready."

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