Justin Bieber Files Harassment Claim Against Paparazzi Pursuers

After getting busted for speeding, singer claims tabloid photographer was dangerously aggressive.

Justin Bieber may have taken the rap for speeding on Friday on a Los Angeles highway, but the "Boyfriend" singer told cops that one of his pursuers was driving recklessly.

According to TMZ, Bieber, 18, has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who were chasing him down Los Angeles' 101 freeway in an incident that netted the singer a speeding ticket. An officer with the California Highway Patrol visited the set of Bieber's latest music video shoot on Friday to take Justin's statement in the complaint.

Bieber reportedly contacted authorities following Friday's incident, alleging that the unnamed photographer was acting "extremely aggressive" on the road. According to reports, the chase between Bieber and the photogs allegedly reached speeds of up to 100 m.p.h., with some of the shooters pulling out onto the shoulder to keep pace with the pop star.

Bieber was stopped and issued a ticket for speeding, later giving the police the license plate number of the especially aggressive paparazzo. TMZ noted that the photographer in question was actually at the video shoot on Friday when police arrived to take Bieber's statement, where they took a statement from him as well.

While a Los Angeles City Councilman claimed that Bieber was driving like a "maniac" and hit speeds exceeding 100 m.p.h., Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, denied those claims, saying his client was cited for going 80 m.p.h. He also said that the paparazzi resumed their chase a short time after the incident, prompting Bieber to call 911 for help.