'Amazing Spider-Man' Box Office: How High Will It Go?

'It's going to be very profitable ... setting things up for the 2014 sequel,' ComingSoon.net's Ed Douglas tells MTV News.

The critical reception and opening-week box-office numbers for "The Amazing Spider-Man" don't lie: The movie is a bona fide hit.

"Amazing" grabbed the second-highest gross ever for a July 4th opener ($23.4 million on Wednesday) and has now pulled in an estimated $75 million in three days, including $35 million earned on Tuesday and over $15 million earned on Thursday. In assessing those numbers, experts predict the film, which cost an estimated $220 million to produce, will gross somewhere between $125 million and $140 million over the course of its six-day opening run.

So now the question moving forward is, how high will it go? It's a tricky one to predict, as the film faces the very buzzworthy, potential box-office record breaker that is "The Dark Knight Rises," not to mention the seemingly unbeatable record grosses of "The Avengers."

ComingSoon.net associate editor and Weekend Warrior box-office analyst Ed Douglas told MTV News that despite Spidey's impressive start, the drop-offs over the last few days indicate that its momentum is slowing down.

"[Its] $35 million opening day really was terrific, but its drop-off on Wednesday and Thursday is somewhat disconcerting, especially when compared to Michael Bay's 'Transformers,' which had a similar opening in 2005 and held up better both days," Douglas said. "I originally thought the movie would make $70 million over the three-day weekend, but that drop yesterday seems to point to a weekend closer to $60 million.

"That isn't so bad when realizing the movie already made $75 million over the weekend, but it seems to point to frontloading that doesn't bode well for its run in theaters," he continued. "Especially with 'Dark Knight' opening in two weeks; either way, it's going to be very profitable, probably making a lot more money overseas and setting things up for the 2014 sequel. Hopefully, the frontloading is due to excitement to see the movie and not because the people who see it early are detracting others from seeing it."

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