Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa's New Comedy: Go Behind The Scenes!

MTV News talks to the MCs on the set of the stoner comedy 'Mac and Devin Go to High School.'

Who would've thought the young, wild and free Wiz Khalifa was once, well, a square? But when the "No Sleep" rapper starred alongside Snoop Dogg in their recently released stoner comedy "Mac and Devin Go to High School," Khalifa channeled his inner nerd.

"Devin's a pretty serious dude," Wiz told MTV News during a June 2011 set visit for the film, which dropped on DVD on July 3. "I've been in-between, back and forth because it's who I am as a real person. Playing the character, it's just one side of me but I can go into it easily."

Snoop plays Mac, a struggling super-senior in his 15th year of studies at the aptly-titled N. Hale High School, a far cry from Khalifa's Devin. "We cross paths in the movie. We really don't know how close we're gonna be with each other and I'm not really feelin' dude all like that," Wiz said.

"Mac is a senior that's been in school a little bit longer than he's supposed to be, but I have fun while I'm in school," Snoop explained of his yin to Wiz's Hollywood yang. "My thing is basically, once me and Devin become friends... is to put some excitement in his life, to show him how to really live and be a senior and enjoy high school."

During the course of the Dylan C. Brown-directed flick, the odd couple forms a bond over marijuana that is beneficial to both. "[Devin is] more serious and focused but he's got a wilder side, he just never tapped into it, he never knew how to," Wiz explained. "He basically just played it safe and when he meets Mac, that's when that comes out."

While Khalifa's character learns to cut loose, Snoop's Mac finally gets the tools he needs to seek higher education. "At the same time [Wiz as Devin] gives me some schooling on how important it is to graduate and how important it is to study and to want to learn and want to have some book smarts," Snoop added. "This a motion picture, so we're gonna give you all of that and then some."

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