'Hollywood Exes' Reveal Biggest Post-Divorce Hardships

'You are learning to do life again differently,' Sheree Fletcher, ex-wife of Will Smith, tells MTV News.

Last Wednesday we were introduced to the multi-faceted and extremely watchable stars of VH1's "Hollywood Exes." In the first episode we learned all the juicy details about how each woman met her superstar ex, some at work and some at play, and the roads that led each of them to become what R. Kelly's ex-wife Drea Kelly lovingly calls "wifey."

When MTV News recently caught up with three of the five exes — Kelly, Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of Prince), Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of Will Smith) — they revealed that while they felt their life-after-divorce stories are relatable, they had things pretty good being divorced from superstars. They also offered up a few humorous anecdotes about what adjustments they had to make in their lives after the breakup. For Drea Kelly, doing everyday tasks on her own was a wake-up call.

"Now it's like, book a flight? Health insurance?" Kelly recalled. "Hold on ... are those coupons?"

For Fletcher, the biggest transition in her life after being Mrs. Smith was enduring something we are all faced with on a daily basis.

"You know what was hard for me? It just hit me: lines! Waiting in lines!" she said with a laugh. "That was a hard adjustment to make."

Kelly wholeheartedly agreed. "They get you right together like 'You are an ex, get in line!' "

One thing's for sure: These humbling post-divorce experiences have taught the exes to embrace their new lives as independent women. As Fletcher put it, "You are learning to do life again differently," and it is clear that they are more than ready to step out of the shadow.