Who Is The Mysterious 'Amazing Spider-Man' Villain?

From Chameleon to Norman Osborn, MTV News has the rundown on five vicious villains Peter Parker might face in the 'Spider-Man' sequel.

Amidst the fireworks and barbeques of July 4th, people all across the country had but one thing on their minds: Who will be the villain in the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel? With an astounding $35 million in the bank from Tuesday alone, "Amazing" is set to make upwards of $140 million by Sunday night. On top of that, Sony's plans to make a sequel have already expanded into making "Amazing Spider-Man" a trilogy.

Clearly, there are big things at work here — perhaps even Sinister Six levels of big, but that's another story entirely. While "Amazing" has been getting a lot of buzz lately, there is one particular post-credits scene that has garnered the most speculation by far. This, of course, has everything to do with the appearance of a still-unknown villain.

In said post-credits scene, we get a glimpse of Dr. Curt Connors locked away in an asylum and visited by a mysterious, silhouetted gentleman who seemingly disappears into thin air. While it's not made clear who this man is exactly, it's safe to assume that he is a representative of Oscorp and that he will have a bigger role to play in the upcoming sequel.

So, who the heck was that guy? The mystery remains wide open, but here are the classic Spidey villains we think fit the bill perfectly.


Max Dillon, a former electrical engineer, gained the ability to manipulate electricity after being struck by lightning while working on a power line. Transforming himself into a living electrical capacitor, Electro is now one of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies. Given the large amounts of lightning in the post-credits scene, it would make complete sense if the silhouetted man turned out to be Electro.


Escaped convict Flint Marko had his cells spliced with sand molecules due to radiation from a nuclear-weapon testing on an abandoned beach. Now, Flint's body is made of a sand-like substance, allowing him to duplicate himself and shape-shift. (We assume you don't know any of this because you, like the responsible moviegoer you are, forgot that "Spider-Man 3" ever existed.) The silhouetted man in the post-credits scene had the incredible ability to disappear at a moment's notice, which could easily be explained if he was made of sand.


A former stuntman and special-effects artist, Quentin Beck uses his movie-magic knowhow to commit crimes and mess with Spider-Man. Donning a fish-bowl helmet and cape, Mysterio is the self-proclaimed master of illusion. He's also a skilled magician, hypnotist, chemist and engineer. The mysterious, silhouetted man might have been able to vanish into thin air, but what if he was never actually in the asylum in the first place? Maybe he was just an illusion.


Dmitri Smerdyakov gained his uncanny knack for disguises through his many years of service as a Russian spy. Utilizing a microcomputer on his belt buckle, Dmitri is able to change his appearance at the push of a button. The Chameleon is in fact the first major supervillain Spider-Man ever faced. With the ability to become anyone instantaneously, breaking into a heavily guarded asylum would prove to be quite a simple task for the Chameleon.

Norman Osborn

Better known as the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn is truly Peter Parker's greatest enemy. After an experiment gone horribly wrong, Osborn is granted superhuman abilities but is also driven completely insane. The fact that Osborn had been hinted at all throughout "The Amazing Spider-Man" makes us think that he would be the most logical choice to be the villain in the sequel. As for his little disappearing act? Let's just chalk that one up to stealthiness.

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