'Amazing Spider-Man': 12 Burning Questions For The Sequel

The impending arrival of Norman Osborn and the looming death of Gwen Stacy top our list of 12 burning questions for the 'Spider-Man' sequel.

Throughout production on "The Amazing Spider-Man," two burning questions frequently emerged: will the movie be any good, and does anybody really want to see a "Spider-Man" reboot? Two days after its July 3 release date, we have answers to those questions: yes, the movie is very good, and after a record-breaking Tuesday opening worth $35 million, it's safe to say that people wanted another "Spider-Man" movie, reboot or otherwise.

With those questions answered, it's time to look at some of the questions that weren't answered by "The Amazing Spider-Man." Keep reading for the 12 lingering mysteries we want answers to in the planned "Spider-Man" sequel!

1. Who Is The Villain? That's question numero uno: who will Spidey face next, and will it be the same guy we saw in the "Amazing" post-credits scene? If so, who is that guy? Norman Osborn? Elektro? Mysterio? Someone else? But before we think too much about the new villain, let's dwell on the old for a minute...

2. Are We Done With Curt Connors? To the surprise of everyone — Rhys Ifans included — Doctor Connors managed to survive "The Amazing Spider-Man." Sure, he's on lockdown in some sort of maximum security facility, but when has incarceration ever truly stopped a super-villain? The question is, if we do see Connors again, will it be a major appearance, or more of a cameo ala Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow in the "Dark Knight" trilogy?

3. Will We Meet Norman Osborn? Whether or not he was the villain seen in the post-credits scene, Spider-Man's most iconic foe will have a role to play in the "Amazing" series. He's name-checked numerous times throughout the film, and is even seen in silhouette form at one point. Stormin' Norman's arrival isn't a matter of if, just a matter of when.

4. How About Harry? Less certain is the involvement of Norman's son and Peter Parker's longtime friend. Unlike Norman, Harry's name is never mentioned in "Amazing." Parker's high school social circle is already well established, and it does not include Harry, at least not yet. Will he make his debut alongside his father, or will this series of movies exclude the character entirely?

5. Maybe Mary Jane? Likewise, will the "Spider-Man" sequel introduce the fiery redhead once played by Kirsten Dunst? Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy is the leading lady to beat at the moment, but we all know how that story plays out. If we want to get the sense that love and life will go on for Peter even after his lowest of lows, wouldn't introducing MJ in the second "Spider-Man" movie help to reinforce that idea?

6. Will Gwen Stacy Die? Like Norman, the death of Gwen isn't much a question of if it will happen, but when. If the "Amazing" movies follow the "Dark Knight" model, Gwen's death could easily occur during movie two, following in the fragged footsteps of Rachel Dawes. Perhaps the upcoming sequel is still too early for Gwen's demise, but keep that box of Kleenex ready just in case.

7. Where's J. Jonah Jameson? And, more importantly, where's J.K. Simmons? The Daily Bugle clearly exists in the "Amazing Spider-Man" universe, which means JJJ exists as well. And we want to see him played by Simmons! If Dame Judi Dench's M can exist in both the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig 007 continuities, there's no reason Simmons can't carry over from the Raimi era to the Webb-verse.

8. What's Up With Peter's Parents? The untold story remains untold. Though "Amazing" laid the groundwork for what happened to Peter's folks, we still don't have a clear answer — though somebody, namely that mysterious villain (and perhaps even Curt Connors), seems to have some inside scoop. Will we get an info dump on the Richard Parker mystery ala the Architect's infamous "Matrix: Reloaded" monologue, or more of a teaser along the lines of Yoda's "there is another" revelation near the end of "Empire Strikes Back"?

9. Will Marc Webb Return? I guess that last question depends on whether Webb is returning to direct or not. He did an excellent job with "Amazing," earning Sony truckloads of money and strong reviews for a film that many expected to fail on both counts. Webb's return to the "Spider-Man" director's chair would be a welcome one, but at this moment in time, it's still an uncertainty.

10. Will There Be Venom? Looking towards the future of "Spider-Man," will the sequel tease us on the existence of the Venom symbiote in the "Amazing" universe? Sony definitely has a "Venom" movie in the works, and producers have indicated their desire to see that film exist in the same universe as the new "Spider-Man" movies. Perhaps we can look forward to a Venom teaser as part of the next movie's post-credits scene.

11. Will It Be Mighty? Andrew Garfield wanted to be in "Avengers." Heck, even the "Spider-Man" producers almost allowed Oscorp Tower to appear in the Marvel Studios film's New York City skyline. With both of these movies kicking all kinds of box-office butt, will the "Avengers" and "Spider-Man" producers realize it's in their mutual best interest to join forces for either a "Spider-Man" sequel shout-out or, dare we dream it, a full-on "Avengers" cameo?

12. Will It Be Spectacular? I don't mean quality-wise. I'm talking about the title. If we're drawing from comics lore, then perhaps "The Spectacular Spider-Man" makes the most sense. But there's no shortage of possible titles to consider, from "Sensational" to "Astonishing" and beyond. Here's hoping it won't simply be "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." That would be boring and decidedly not amazing.

What are your burning "Spider-Man" sequel questions? Tell us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @roundhoward with your thoughts!