Katy Perry's Divorce 'Important' To 'Part Of Me'

'There was really no discussion about not including it,' director Dan Cutforth tells MTV News.

Katy Perry is setting off some fireworks of her own this week, but she's doing it at the box office.

Perry's much anticipated 3-D documentary "Part of Me" has finally hit theaters, and fans are about to get an inside peek at what really went on behind the scenes over the pop star's past year.

The movie explores several aspects of Perry's life, from her strict upbringing and her label disputes to her massive California Dreams Tour and, of course, her much-publicized divorce from Russell Brand.

Yet even though she suffered through her hardships on camera, directors Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz reveal that Perry did not want to cut these scenes from the movie, no matter how emotional they may have been.

"There was never really any discussion of taking out the scenes that are a bit more emotional, maybe a bit more difficult, a bit harder to watch sometimes. I think it was important to Katy," Cutforth told MTV News at the movie's Hollywood premiere. "People knew what she went through was not easy for her, and to make it look like it was would have been untruthful, and that's not her way. So there was really no discussion about not including it."

And they could never have imagined while filming this movie that Perry would experience so many career highs but at the same time see the collapse of her relationship.

"This movie captures an amazing moment in time," Lipsitz said. "When she started out on the tour, she probably didn't think it was going to be what it was going to be. The year was filled with five #1 singles, the highest point of her career, and an emotional heartbreak, so I think the two of those together make for an incredible film."

It wasn't easy to decide what would make it into the film. With a plethora of footage to use, Cutforth and Lipsitz had the arduous task of deciding what would be most compelling to her fans.

"It was not an easy task pulling this together," Cutforth said. "There were hundreds of hours of footage that had to be shaped into this movie in a very short space of time. It was a little scary at times, but it was always inspiring and exciting."

With hours of footage, of course, some of it ended up on the cutting-room floor, including one scene that Lipsitz felt fans would have really enjoyed.

"We had a scene of her writing 'Wide Awake,' and I think that may be one thing people would love to have seen: Katy in the writing process," Lipsitz said. "But it just didn't fit in the film, so it will be on the DVD."

"Katy Perry: Part of Me" is in theaters now.

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