'Best Spider-Man Movie Yet'? Fans Weigh In!

'The original trilogy was great, but this had as much heart as all three movies put together,' one moviegoer tells MTV News.

After the midnight opening of "The Amazing Spider-Man" in New York City — one of scores of late-night openings that grossed a total of $7.5 million — MTV News caught up with some fans, and the response to director Marc Webb's reboot of Spidey's story was overwhelmingly positive.

"Best Spider-Man movie yet, for sure," said Bree, 22.

"They were really true to the comics," said Jenna, 19, who also referred to star Andrew Garfield as "the perfect Spider-Man."

She wasn't the only one who weighed in on Garfield's take on Spider-Man. The actor's performance was a hot topic of conversation among fans after seeing the film.

"Andrew Garfield was a sick Spider-Man," said J.D., 21. "And Peter Parker!" added Amber, 22.

Terrance, 18, admitted he had low expectations for Garfield coming in, but after seeing the film, he said the actor did "a great job."

Naturally, comparisons also arose between Webb's version and Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy, which starred Tobey Maguire as the titular hero.

"The original trilogy was great, but this had as much heart as all three movies put together," said Carlos, 27.

So is it Garfield or Maguire who reigns supreme for Spidey fans? For one woman, the choice was clear.

"I prefer Andrew Garfield over Tobey Maguire," said Grace, 22. "I'll say that for the record."

Deadline reported that the midnight screenings of "The Amazing Spider-Man" earned $7.5 million, putting it on par with late-night numbers for "Iron Man 2," "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and Raimi's "Spider-Man 3."

Like the wall-crawling Spidey, these numbers are expected to just keep on climbing throughout the weekend.

At least for Terrance, more showings of "The Amazing Spider-Man" may be in the future: "I think I would see that probably three times."

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