Lil Wayne's New Album 'A Perfect Work Of Art,' Birdman Says

'Expect somethin' that you never heard before,' Mack Maine tells MTV News of Weezy's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II.

Lil Wayne has built a career on making records that are out of this world, and on his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II, Weezy's Cash Money cohorts promise that he will take things to the next level.

"It's something totally different from Wayne," Birdman told MTV News on Saturday at a Beverly Hills party celebrating his new Billboard magazine cover. "Really, for me, I'm a fan of him, but he really goes so hard in so many different ways, it's like magic for me to watch him put his mindset together."

Granted, it is highly unlikely that the #1 Stunna would trash Wayne's upcoming LP, but Bird seems genuinely taken aback by his son's artistry. Human Being II's first single, "My Homies Still" features Big Sean and Wayne volleying bars back and forth over a bouncy, bassy track.

"What he created with this I Am Not a Human [Being] II is a perfect work of art, and he's just being Tunechi," Baby continued. "Really though, he's one of the greatest artists ever, and his work ethic and body of work gonna show that. It's an incredible album."

Young Money president Mack Maine said that the former Hot Boy will give fans something distinctly different on his ninth solo rap album. "Just expect greatness, expect somethin' that you never heard before," he said. "It's a new Wayne, a new and improved Wayne."

MTV News caught up with the YMCMB superstar in June backstage at the Birthday Bash in Atlanta, and he told us the album was already complete. His manager, Cortez Bryant, estimated the LP will drop in the fall. The release might still be a few months out, but Weezy insisted he is taking great care to prep this new album — something he didn't get to do with 2010's original gold-selling I Am Not a Human Being.

"Last time, the music was rushed because I had to take that eight-month vacation on that island, so we had rushed the music, but this time, we didn't rush the music," Wayne said, referring to his 2010 incarceration for a gun charge.

"I paid attention to everything I did," he said. "You're getting the quality of all my albums: Tha Carter IV, Tha Carter III, the same with this, I Am Not a Human Being II. Hope you like it."

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