'Amazing Spider-Man' Expected To Rule Box Office -- For Now

Analysts predict Andrew Garfield's reboot will dominate theaters until 'The Dark Knight Rises' on July 20.

There's no question "The Amazing Spider-Man" will dominate the 4th of July holiday box-office.

Monday night's (July 2) midnight screenings are sure to be packed, as audiences flock to get a glimpse at the guy from "The Social Network" as Peter Parker in the big-budget franchise reboot. People with even the vaguest pop-culture familiarity know that Parker gets bitten by a spider, develops spider-like abilities and battles bad guys (in this case, the Lizard), but the anticipation level for this particular execution of the familiar tale? Super high.

Jeff Bock, box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations Company, predicted a first-day gross of "at least $30 million" and a six-day total in the neighborhood of $150 million. "And overseas, expect the web-slinger to be even more potent," Bock told MTV News.

This incarnation of the wall-crawling, wise-cracking, friendly neighborhood "Spider-Man" already collected over $50 million in receipts internationally, where it debuted in 13 markets over the weekend (most of them in Asia and Europe). In Korea, it opened bigger than "The Avengers."

The Marc Webb-directed flick, which stars Andrew Garfield as Spidey, shattered box-office records in India: Its $6 million opening there was the biggest ever for a Hollywood flick — 74 percent bigger than Tobey Maguire and filmmaker Sam Raimi's last go-round, "Spider-Man 3."

Behind Korea, Japan was the second-biggest market for "Amazing Spider-Man." In Hong Kong and the Philippines, the flick enjoyed the fourth-biggest openings of all time, but came in behind "Avengers," "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and the last entry in the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2." Europe was a different story, however: As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, the new Spidey did roughly half the business of "Spider-Man 3" (or "The Avengers") in Germany and Austria — even less in Switzerland.

Comparisons to "Avengers" probably aren't fair. The superhero team-up movie opened in 4,349 locations in May. "Amazing" will open in 3,615. The Hollywood Reporter projected a six-day holiday "weekend" total of $125 million or more. Even with its reported $220 million budget, a debut like that would be strong for Sony's reboot. This week's "Katy Perry: Part of Me" and Oliver Stone's "Savages" won't stop Spidey.

So, what will? "This is Marvel's biggest property outside 'The Avengers,' so even though it's a reboot less than five years out, expect spectacular grosses for exactly 17 days," Bock predicted. Because July 20, a different hero returns: " 'The Dark Knight Rises' will monopolize multiplexes."

Until then, movie theaters should belong to Peter Parker.

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