How 'Spider-Man' Star Emma Stone Filled Gwen Stacy's Busty Bra

Stone talks to MTV News about how she brought Gwen's 'classic' look from the comic book page to the big screen.

Forget feeling like you only have big shoes to fill for a role. In "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Emma Stone takes on the role of Peter Parker's love interest Gwen Stacy, a character who quite literally popped off the comic book page.

"Obviously I'm not as voluptuous or buxom as Gwen in the comic books," Stone told MTV News. "It was kind of a little bit more brought down to earth."

Despite the bust adjustment, Stone acknowledges that Gwen's look in director Marc Webb's film adaptation stays close to the character's style in the comics.

"I had seen a lot of Gwen," Stone said. "Kym Barrett, the costume designer, I think was really trying to stay true to that, but bring that kind of cartoonish element into it." Barrett has previously done costume design for "Romeo + Juliet," "The Matrix" trilogy and last year's "The Green Hornet," among others.

Stone also commented on Gwen's recognizable blond hairstyle that her character dons in the film, describing the black headband and ponytail as "classic Gwen."

Stone wasn't the only one who appreciated Gwen's classic updo. "The Amazing Spider-Man" producer Avi Arad — whom Stone refers to as "the gatekeeper of Marvel" — would be "so happy" when she would have her hair in Gwen's signature style on set, Stone said.

Stone isn't the only castmember who has commented on her character's style for the film to MTV News. Stone's co-star and Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, also spoke about some of the trouble that came with wearing the iconic blue and red suit and what changes could be made moving forward.

"It's like you have to body shoehorn yourself out of it," Garfield said about his suit. "But it looks good."

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