'True Blood': Five Key Scenes From Episode Four

Who would have thought the most moving scene in recent memory would occur between the most cold and closed-off characters?

Talk about your emotional roller coasters. The latest episode of "True Blood" was certainly an unexpected ride. Who would have thought the most moving and heartbreaking scene in recent memory would occur between the show's most cold and closed-off characters, Eric and Pam? We did expect sweet-natured Alcide to someday tug at our heartstrings, which he did in tying up loose ends related to his ex. Other action included the start of the hunt for Russell Edgington, Tara sort of vamping it up and the likely end of Sookie's self-proclaimed singleness. Here are five key plot points from the latest episode, "We'll Meet Again."

Pam and Tara: Making It Work

Despite Tara's best efforts to cook herself to death via a tanning bed, her maker Pam reluctantly steps in to save the day. Neither lady is at all happy with the situation, but they begrudgingly try to make it work, which makes for entertaining viewing. The maker/progeny relationship between Pam and Tara continues to be one of the more intriguing season-five developments, particularly when the two very strong-willed women are facing off against each other. If anyone can make Tara a proper vampire and teach her to do vampy things like drink from humans, it's Pam.

Goodbye Debbie Pelt, Redux

At long last, the trouble with Debbie Pelt was officially put to bed, thanks to assistance from supporting players. Sookie sets everything in motion — as she is wont to do — by confessing her deadly sin to Alcide and Jason (and Jessica). Alcide is the hero/MVP of everything in this circumstance: He handles the news from Sookie like a champ and then goes on to cover for her during an emotionally charged meeting with his onetime would-be in-laws. Jessica wins on the assist front when she glamours Officer Andy into forgetting all about continuing the investigation.

Parting With Progeny

Because Eric and Bill have been ordered by the Authority to hunt down Russell Edgington, with the outcome likely ending in their deaths no matter what happens, they decide that cutting all ties with their former lives is the best way to protect their loved ones. As we mentioned before, the goodbye between Eric and Pam is a total doozy. We rarely get to see either character express emotion so when they do it is particularly powerful (Writer's confession: Their parting was easily the most emotional moment on the show since Godric walked to meet the sun). Eric and Jessica have a very sweet moment as well, but it doesn't pack the wallop of Eric and Pam's.

Ain't No Party Like a Fairy Party

Things have been relatively quiet on the fairy front until this episode, which finds the town's least-competent police officers in the midst of a crazy burlesque fairy party. (This is "True Blood" we're talking about so anything can and does happen.) When Jason and Andy accept an invite to an exclusive club as their reward for helping expunge a speeding ticket from a corrupt judge's son's record, they of course get a lot more than they bargained for. We get the return of Sookie and Jason's cousin Hadley, who we quite honestly did not expect to see again and probably won't again for a while since she lets it slip that Jason and Sook's parents were killed by vampires(?). Jason freaks out and gets kicked out, Andy too, with both of them landing back in the middle of a field in the real world.

An Inevitable Hookup

After surviving her deathtrap of a car made possible by Lafayette's unpredictable blasts of black magic, Sookie has a pity party at her house and drowns her sorrows in lots of alcohol. Alcide magically appears to let her know the Debbie business has been put to bed and joins in on the drowning-in-alcohol. We all know where this is headed ... a heated Sookie/Alcide makeout session (finally!), which both Bill and Eric conveniently witness from outside Sookie's window.

*Bonus: Meloni, Like a BOSS

How awesome is Chris Meloni as Authority boss, Roman? Really awesome it turns out, and also really intimidating. Meloni's best work in this episode was his swift removal of the traitorous member of his staff, i.e., death by staking, followed by the order for his chancellors to "fall in line," the delivery of which was made extra-intense by all the blood spattered on his face.