Carly Rae Jepsen's Debut Album 'Almost Finished'

'Just wrapping up the loose ends,' Jepsen tells MTV News of the project, which will be released before she goes on tour with Justin Bieber.

So far, the summer has belonged to Carly Rae Jepsen. Her inescapable smash hit "Call Me Maybe" is sitting high atop the Billboard Hot 100, and she's featured on Owl City's catchy new single "Good Time."

But don't expect this new pop star to be slowing down anytime soon: She's putting the finishing touches on her much-anticipated full-length debut album.

"At this point, my record is almost finished. It's pretty close, just wrapping up the loose ends," Jepsen told MTV News at the premiere of Katy Perry's 3-D flick "Part of Me." "I feel like the songs are mostly there, but there's still some production and stuff to be done, but we're close. We're at the home stretch."

Jepsen teamed up with a host of different people for this album, including Fun. producer Steven McDonald, boss Justin Bieber and LMFAO's Redfoo for an upcoming track. Yet with all those people lending a hand, there is still one more person she would love to collaborate with.

"I love collaborating. It's a good way to get a new sort of song; two heads are better than one," Jepsen said. "In the future one day, dreaming big here, Katy [Perry] is amazing, that would be pretty cool."

Jepsen revealed that the album would be released right before she hits the road as Bieber's opening act on the Believe Tour, which kicks off September 29. Jepsen is eager to be a part of this upcoming tour since she was able to experience life on the road with Bieber for a few concerts.

"Since having a little taste of a couple shows — Mexico City, 300,000 people — it's not normal. It was really fun, though," Jepsen said. "It was a little overwhelming, but it was also, there was a moment when I kind of lost it and then I stopped and I realized they were all singing my song, like, word for word."

Those fans can't get enough of Jepsen's music, and she can't get enough of Bieber's.

"It's amazing," Jepsen said of Bieber's latest album, Believe. " 'Die in Your Arms' is my favorite track off of that. It's just so like young Michael [Jackson]."

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