Stalley Is Tired Of Being 'Overlooked'

MMG rapper opens up to 'RapFix Live' about why his music deserves as much attention as hip-hop veterans.

Rick Ross and his MMG collective have become a force to reckon with in the current hip-hop sphere. But despite their growing notoriety, some members of the crew, like Stalley, still feel like they're not getting the proper shine for their work.

Early in June, the Ohio native released the video for his single "Live at Blossom," which happened to coincide with the release of G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy" video and Hit-Boy's "Jay-Z Interview."

Feeling like his release got drowned out, Stalley took to Twitter to express his annoyance. "I'm tired of holding myself back, I dropped the best video that came out this week and y'all worried about Mercy or a Jay-Z interview," he wrote. "I put everything in my music and i'm really sick of being overlooked. I put out the best two mixtapes in the last two years. I'm not hating on any one artist or anyones music. I'm just saying my music is up to par or better than then music people go crazy over."

The tweets prompted a response from Hit-Boy's friend and collaborator Chase N. Cashe, who took offense, but Hit-Boy later followed up by letting fans know that he'd texted with Stalley and cleared the air.

During Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," the Maybach Music crew joined Sway on the red couch and Stalley got a chance to explain his stance. "It's just that I'm passionate about my work and I want it to be seen and heard in the same [way] as those guys," he said, explaining what prompted the tweets. "Just because they've been around for years, or just because they have certain co-signs, doesn't mean my music isn't as good as theirs. And that goes for anybody sitting on this couch, people get overlooked all the time and I'm just standing up and speaking from the heart about my music."

Stalley maintained that he's dropped "the hottest mixtapes" in the past two years, and both Rick Ross and Meek Mill stepped in to back him up. "Nobody ain't gonna see your vision the way you're gonna see your vision," Meek offered up. "Even before Dreamchasers, I was dropping mixtapes [and] ya'll may [have] never heard them, but to me they were the hottest."

Ross agreed, adding, "I feel like you really shouldn't release your music until you feel like that. 'Live [at] Blossom' is definitely an incredible record and an incredible video. Me being a veteran, and sitting back listening to him speak his mind, I love it. It won't be long before he [will] be in the position he knows that he deserves to be in, and [he will] really appreciate these times as well."