Justin Bieber Gets A Big Gift From Big Sean

'It was a real genuine moment,' manager Scooter Braun tells MTV News about the 'As Long as You Love Me' collaborators.

When Justin Bieber and Big Sean teamed up for Bieber's Believe single "As Long as You Love Me," he probably had no idea just how generous the rapper is. Sean didn't just gift the 18-year-old with a verse on the song, he also recently gave him a piece of bling that he had had his eye on for a while.

"I was just talking to Big Sean about it, and the nicest thing Sean said was, not just that Justin is such a big star and that he's so talented; he said, 'It's nice to see you can be that big and not be affected by it.' And it was really nice," Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, told MTV News.

"When they first met, Sean has this ring. It was his first ring he ever bought, the first piece of jewelry when he got his record deal. He gave it to Justin [at the 'Today' show. He said, 'I know you said you liked it, and I want to say thank you for involving me in the process and being a part of this. And I want you to have the ring.' And he took it off, and Justin put it on and it was a real genuine moment. They're friends."

Sean shared his warm, fuzzy feelings for Bieber with MTV News, recently calling the pop star "a true G."

"People may not know that," Big Sean said recently. "Nah, but he is a good dude, man. And I ain't toning down nothing — I'm diverse, I can write raps to any type of song."

But Sean is hardly the only rapper who has a "genuine" connection to the G. Braun talked a lot about why the hip-hop community has embraced the young star.

"One, I think they know it's authentic, and two, you got to remember Justin's past," Braun said. "I was the vice president of So So Def Records, and then I left, and Justin was the second artist I found after Asher Roth. So here's this 13-year-old living in Atlanta, no one knows who he is, and he's just riding around with me, and we're in the studio with Ludacris. We're in the studio with T.I. We're in the studio with Big Boi from Outkast, hanging out, and he got exposed to that really early."

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