Nicki Minaj Still 'Loves' Hot 97 Even After Summer Jam Drama

'It's not like we're walking around being angry, we just wanted to prove that one point and that was that,' Nicki tells U.K. radio personality Tim Westwood.

Nicki Minaj doesn't hold a grudge. When it comes to her relationship with New York's Hot 97, the Barbie leader says it is all love.

"I feel like it happened and there is no animosity, I still love them over there at the station. They've helped me a lot as well," Minaj told U.K. DJ and personality Tim Westwood. "It's not like we're walking around being angry, we just wanted to prove that one point and that was that."

That point is: Don't disrespect Ms. Minaj.

On June 3, Nicki was scheduled to close out Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert, but after morning show host Peter Rosenberg alluded that Minaj's "Starships" single wasn't real hip-hop, she pulled out of the all-star concert. "At a certain point, you just want respect," Nicki told Westwood.

It was actually Nicki's Young Money boss Lil Wayne who urged her to pull the plug on the show. Many critics suggested that maybe Minaj should've taken the stage and fired back at the outspoken Rosenberg, who often downs "Starships" on his daily radio show. "I don't want to do that, I want to let people know that I'm not even getting on your stage if you don't have your mind right," Nicki said. "That's the point. See, if you get on the stage, you're saying next time you can do it again and we'll have this exchange."

Wayne spoke with MTV News earlier this month about his executive decision. Tunechi believes that because Nick is a female, Hot 97 should've handled the situation with more tact. "That's a female; first and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don't know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how," he said.

Minaj does believe there is a double standard at times. Of course she knows the RedOne-produced "Starships" doesn't exactly fit Hit 97's urban radio format, but neither does Lil Wayne's acoustic sing-a-long "How to Love."

"The year before that Wayne performed 'How to Love' at Summer Jam," Nicki pointed out. "No one said anything. My thing is the guys do treat the guys different and maybe they feel Nicki Minaj is something to be played with.

"You have your opinions on radio and all that, but when an artist comes to perform you should just keep it to yourself, just for that one day," she finished.

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