Is Mumford & Sons’ New Album Called Babel?

In new teaser video, the band seems to hint at title of new album — via maritime signal flags, of course.

By now, you are probably aware that Mumford & Sons have finally finished the follow-up to their breakout Sigh No More album, and that it will hit stores on September 25. But unless you’re familiar with international maritime signal flags, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t know what that new album is going to be called.

Or at least what we think it’s going to be called. Because on Wednesday, Mumford posted a new teaser video on their official site, one that shows brief flashes of a rather raging old-tyme party (Ragtime! Some dude breathing fire! A horse!), then ends with a brief scene of the Mumford guys sitting amid the subsequent aftermath, suitcases and bowler hats strewn about. As the clip fades to black, fans are shown a series of five signal flags that spell out the word “Babel.”

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