'Hollywood Exes' Is A 'Relatable Show,' Stars Say

'The exes were the common denominator but not the show; they wanted to focus on us,' Will Smith's first wife, Sheree Fletcher, tells MTV News.

The stars of VH1's "Hollywood Exes," premiering tonight (June 27), knew they'd have to stand out from the pack of reality shows — and stand out they do.

The show revolves around Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Jessica Canseco, Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia. Their initial ground for group bonding is the fact that they all have famous ex-husbands. When MTV News caught up with three of the five lovely ladies, we asked what made them agree to let cameras into their personal lives.

"The reason I decided to do the show was, first of all, the castmembers, the women," said Garcia, who was married to Prince. "The idea that was pitched to me was it being about us. Yes, we were married to them, but we're all individuals. I'm an artist, she's an artist, she has a business. It's about showing who we are, so I decided to do it. Especially after meeting [the show's creators], I knew it was going to be good. I'm old enough now to trust my gut."

"I loved the vision of the creators," added Fletcher, who was Will Smith's first wife. "I loved their concept, like a sorority of sorts, women coming together with similar experiences, and that was kind of the common denominator. The exes were the common denominator but not the show; they wanted to focus on us. They wanted to see us in our many facets of life, be it moms or businesswomen or artists, what have you, and life after divorce. It's got a lot of different dynamics, and I think it's a very relatable show."

The ladies promised that the audience will get to see them go through good times and challenging times, and no matter what impression you may have had about them beforehand, they'll win you over with their independent spirits, business savvy and strength.

Watch "Hollywood Exes" Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.