What's One Direction's Favorite U.S. City So Far?

1D's Niall Horan relives the 'absolutely nuts' fan reaction during the band's Up All Night tour and tells us which city has been the rowdiest.

One Direction have been taking their boy band antics across the States since May for their first-ever American headlining tour. And, with only days left on the massive Up All Night jaunt, 1D-er Niall Horan, recalled with MTV News the "absolutely nuts" time they've had.

"It's been, as you can see clearly, it's been absolutely nuts. We're still trying to get out head around it," he said, hours before hitting the stage in Charlotte. "It's been crazy. We've had a lot of fun ... we're doing these things called sheds, so they're outside and inside. There are like 20,000 people on an outdoor gig and they're really good to do. They're really fun. It's really warm outside and the crowds, they're amazing."

With fans doing anything they can to get the guys' attention while they're on stage (including throwing bras at them) Niall says that the last few shows have included far fewer undergarments being tossed at the stage.

"They've kind of toned it down a little bit. It was worse. Now it's kind of iPhones and keys, which are kind of dangerous.

"When we were in New York, we were on our day off and me and Liam [Payne] was going down the street with one of our security guards and we got absolutely mobbed by like 600 people in Times Square," he said. "I thought 'There is literally not one place I can walk down the street.' "

But, it's not just screaming girls who are turning out to see the guys. Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell tweeted about attending the 1D show in Atlanta, a show that just happened to be one of Niall's favorites (or at least the loudest). "We didn't have a clue what we were singing. We couldn't hear anything," he said. "We're very lucky we've got amazing crowds. We never have a bad crowd. We're very lucky we kind of get the adrenaline rush off them."

While Atlanta may have been the rowdiest show, New Jersey remains Niall's favorite for the opposite reason. "Harry [Styles] got the crowd to take their phones and lights out of their pocket and we turned off the lights so you couldn't see the crowd and all you could see are the lights swaying," he said. "I think that was a special night cause we thought it's all very high-energy, but when the show is taken down like a somber level it's quite nice."

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