Rick Ross Says Self Made, Vol. 2 'Sounds Straight-Up Organic'

With T.I., Nas and Wiz Khalifa, Rozay tells 'RapFix Live' new album features 'the best of the best, from the new guys to the veterans.'

Rick Ross has been raising the bar for himself with each project since his 2006 debut, Port of Miami. Rozay's most-recent solo album, 2010's Teflon Don, is arguably his best, and for his Maybach Music Group, the Bawse encourages the same growth.

On Tuesday, Ross and his MMG crew dropped Self Made, Vol. 2, 13 months after they released the first volume. If Rozay had to pick a favorite, he said he'd pick the latest — after all, it is all about progression.

"Of course, the difference first and foremost is the sound, the music. When we released Self Made, Vol. 1, we had just really closed our deal. We pretty much did it in two weeks, just sitting around in the studio, just having fun, and we recorded it," Ross shared on Wednesday's (June 27) "RapFix Live."

When MMG released the first Self Made in May 2011, Ross had only secured his label deal with Warner Music Group three months prior, but he, Wale and Meek Mill put it together quickly. This time out, the Bawse expanded his roster, giving Stalley more shine and adding French Montana and former B2K frontman Omarion to the fold.

"This project here, everybody was pretty much in a different position. It's been a big difference status-wise from the first year ['til] now," Ross explained. "Everybody was basically on tour when we first started this process. We stayed in communication a little more, and I think the music itself it sounds straight up organic, like it was meant to be, from the choruses, the concepts, the titles to the sequencing."

Rozay doesn't discount Self Made, Vol. 1, however; he likens it to a seed. Aside from the expanded roster, Ross decided to add a ton of features to the new album as well. T.I., Nas, Bun B, T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar all appear. "I feel like it's the best of the best, from the new guys to the veterans," Ross said.

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