'Magic Mike' Stars Avoided 'Iconic' Stripper Outfits

'When I actually danced, I did a Boy Scout outfit, and I thought it was the lamest thing ever,' Channing Tatum tells MTV News.

If you're not yet familiar with the year's sexiest movie about male strippers, "Magic Mike," then you've been deliberately avoiding the very fun subject. The R-rated film is loosely based on star Channing Tatum's stripper past, directed by Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh, and features a very attractive ensemble cast.

When MTV News caught up with Tatum and co-star Matthew McConaughey recently, we asked them to reveal which parts of their characters' stripper attire proved most cumbersome during filming.

"You were always in comfy, comfy stuff," McConaughey pointed out about Tatum's wardrobe.

"Yeah, but that was sort of my own thing when I actually did it, because when I actually danced, I did a Boy Scout outfit, and I thought it was the lamest thing ever," Tatum recalled. "And I did a clown thing. But my favorite thing I did [was a dance to an] Usher [song], and I was just like, 'No I'm going to pick the song that I like. I'm going to dress like the song should be dressed for,' and that was it. I wanted to be normal; I didn't want to do the kinda iconic stripper things."

"It's a great wardrobe, isn't it?" McConaughey continued, speaking of the cast's various glittery outfits, thongs and tight booty shorts. "I loved getting the wardrobe together."

"The tassels were my favorite," Tatum said of a specific detail on one of McConaughey's thongs.

"The tassels, yes a lot of talk, but a lot of work, a lot of hours went into the tassels on Dallas' thong," he recalled with a smile. "The length of the tassel, the thickness of the tassel, what does it reveal, what does it not."

"It had to be perfect," Tatum said.

All this happy talk about their tiny outfits prompted us to ask whether they kept any of the creative costumes.

"I kept all of my stuff," McConaughey said without missing a beat.

"All of it," Tatum agreed. "Come on, we've got wives now."

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