Adam Levine Calls Christina Aguilera Feud Rumors 'BS'

'We bickered a little bit in the beginning. ... But I love her,' Levine says of his fellow 'Voice' judge.

Last month, just as "The Voice" was wrapping its second season, reports began to circulate about a growing feud between judges Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, one that supposedly involved plenty of behind-the-scenes bitching, more than a few temper tantrums and (quite possibly) one very public use of the c-word.

Of course, given that the show was heading toward its finale, one could reasonably assume some of that drama may have been cooked up to draw in viewers, though there were on-air moments where the tension between Aguilera and Levine seemed very real indeed. So, when Levine and his Maroon 5 mate James Valentine sat down with MTV News to premiere their brand-new "One More Night" video, we had to ask him about the feud. And while Levine didn't deny on-set friction, he let it be known that things have truly been blown out of proportion.

"We bickered a little bit in the beginning, to be totally truthful, we had a little bit of a rough start, just kind of all getting to know each other," he said. "But I love her, she's the best, and we're having a fantastic time as of late on the set. She's great, and all of that is sensationalized media BS ... so don't worry about any of that."

And while Levine made it clear that he'd much rather be discussing Maroon 5's just-released Overexposed album, he understands that rumors like this are all part of living life beneath the glare of the spotlight. And he's not exactly losing any sleep over that fact.

"It affects you as much as you let it. I mean, I know the deal, so as long as I do, it doesn't matter what people say," he explained. "Think about if we listened to what people say all the time, imagine how crazy it would make you."