The Wanted Cool Down 'Chasing The Sun' For 'Ice Age' Video

'My dreams have come true by being in this video,' Siva Kaneswaran tells MTV News of 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' clip.

The Wanted chilled with vampires in their first "Chasing the Sun" video, but when it came time to film a second clip for the track, things got even chillier. In the new version, for the "Ice Age: Continental Drift" soundtrack, the guys perform on some icebergs while footage from the film plays.

MTV News was on set with the British boy banders when they shot the clip, and despite the song's more mature party theme, the idea of "Chasing the Sun" can easily be adapted into a family-friendly anthem about chasing something other than tequila shots.

"I think this song, it can mean many things," Jay McGuiness explained while shooting the clip. "To some people, it is partying all night and chasing the sun the next morning. That's what that [first] video's about; the girls, the teeth are there, the vampires. So we're all there partying away. And that's one aspect of the song. Another aspect of the song is chasing your dreams, the unattainable acorn in the distance."

The fourth film in the "Ice Age" franchise will hit theaters July 13, and several pop stars are in the cast, including Nicki Minaj, Drake and Jennifer Lopez has a part. This time around, the film's leading men, Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary) and Sid (John Leguizamo), go off on a new adventure where they meet up with pirates while exploring a new land.

"I'm the biggest fan [of these films]," Siva Kaneswaran said. "My dreams have come true by being in this video."

Nathan Sykes added: "I'd actually like to argue with you and say I'm a bigger fan than you."

McGuiness attempted to settle any band beef over by casting the entire group in the next franchise, if there should be one. "I think animated movies, in general, are great, and 'Ice Age' is like the crème de la crème of that," he said. "If 'Ice Age 5' happens, I'm gonna volunteer. We'll be like a strange troop of dodos. I don't know, what's left? They've covered all the great creatures. If you think of any more, we'll be there. Some British ones — why not?"

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