Machine Gun Kelly Reps For The Underdogs In 'Invincible' Video

'The main focus was to continue to encourage the underdog, which is what I've always been good at,' MGK tells MTV News.

Machine Gun Kelly relishes the underdog role. In 2010 he fought to catch hip-hop's attention with his Lace Up mixtape, and last year he signed with Diddy's Bad Boy Records. But still he raps as if the world is against him, and maybe it is, so in his new video for "Invincible" MGK continues to rep for the misfits.

"The main focus was to basically just continue to encourage the underdog, which is what I've always been good at," Kells told MTV News during the "Invincible" video shoot.

The video, which dropped on MTV2, Hits, Jams, mtvU & VEVO on June 3rd, tells a number of different stories. MGK himself stars in one storyline that sees him rushing to the hospital to be by the side of his daughter, who is sick. The scene is loosely based on his life. "It's basically a play off of real-life situations that I've been involved in," he said.

The entire video tells the stories of people from all walks of life who fight adversity. There is a couple in distress because they are unable to get pregnant; another storyline involves a young man who unfairly gets beaten down by a number of attackers. The odds are clearly not in his favor, but still he fights on.

The fact is that in the past year, MGK has racked up a considerable number of wins; still, he remains the same. Rather than let his rising star go to his head, the Cleveland spitter stays as connected to his roots as humanly possible, and his fans love him for it.

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