Cee Lo Looks To Please Fans Old And New With Goodie Mob Album

'Our coming together after a 12-year hiatus is somewhat of a testament to our elasticity,' Cee Lo Green tells MTV News of the Goodie Mob reunion.

Goodie Mob defined hip-hop's dirty south sound before such a descriptor even existed, mixing uplifting raps with bass-heavy funk. Cee Lo Green, Big Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo, along with their Dungeon Family affiliates OutKast, were largely responsible for making Atlanta rap's southern capital. The last time the Mob dropped an album as a quartet was 1999's World Party, but now they are back.

"The Goodie Mob, we definitely are reunited. And we've been working on that album really vigorously and it's coming out very well," Cee Lo Green told MTV News while at a Los Angeles taping for TV Land's new sitcom "Soul Man." "I think people are going to be very pleased. You know our core audience and also this new audience that we are aspiring to acquire."

The comeback LP, which is titled Age Against the Machine, doesn't have a release date, but in April the group gave fans their first taste of the album when they performed their new single "Fight To Win" on "The Voice." The televised performance showed a Goodie Mob quite different from what their day-one fans may remember. While singing the motivational ode, Khujo, Gipp and T-Mo donned gold battle armor and matching capes, resembling a squad of triumphant Roman soldiers. The song has been catching on: It was chosen as the official theme for the 2012 NBA Playoffs and ran on television spots throughout the two-month sporting tournament.

It's been over a decade since we've seen Goodie together, but Cee Lo says it was bound to happen. "Well, you know, it was just a matter of time, it's very faithful and we're a family," he explained. "And you know we were never separate from each other completely. So our coming together after a 12-year hiatus is somewhat of a testament to our elasticity if you will. That's what I call it."

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