Wiz Khalifa And SpaceGhostPurrp 'Definitely Cool'

'Wiz is a positive dude,' SGP tells Mixtape Daily, denying any beef in wake of his Taylor Gang dis track.

Behind the Beats: SpaceGhostPurrp

SpaceGhostPurrp may currently be at odds with A$AP Rocky, but the Miami rapper/producer doesn't exactly come off as a troublemaker. Many thought that SpaceGhost and Wiz Khalifa had a problem after Purrp released a track called "F--- Taylor Gang," but together they proved a little conversation can go a long way.

"Me and Wiz, we definitely cool, and the song that I made last year about the Taylor Gang thing, it was basically about me saying F the neighborhood," SGP told Mixtape Daily during a May interview.

Khalifa's reach is wide, and his passionate Taylor Gang fanbase doesn't just reside in Wiz's native Pittsburgh. "It's a neighborhood where there were a bunch of kids reppin' Taylor Gang and they were disrespecting my Raider Klan, so we had a feud back then, so I made that towards them," SpaceGhost said of the dis track that he aimed at the unaffiliated Taylors.

After hearing A$AP Rocky's "Pretty Flacko," a track that Purrp produced, Wiz reached out to the rising rap talent. "I love that beat. I'm like, 'Man, that beat is hard as hell,' " Wiz said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" back in April. "After that he sent me that crazy beat, and me and Juicy [J] went in."

The two were quickly able to hash out any misunderstandings and get to work. The beat that SpaceGhost sent would eventually become "T.A.P.," one of Khalifa's favorite songs from his Taylor Allderdice mixtape.

"Wiz is a positive dude — the Taylors that was down in Miami, they were ruthless," Purrp said. "I just wanted him to know that song wasn't directed to him; it was for the negative people who support his movement in my neighborhood."

Purrp is looking to keep the positive vibes rolling. He recently released his independent debut album, Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp, a collection of his best mixtape tracks over the past year.

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