Demi Lovato And One Direction's Niall Horan Are 'Just Friends'

Lovato shuts down rumors that she and Horan are dating in a recent radio interview.

So, are they or aren't they? Well, according to Demi Lovato herself, she and One Direction's Niall Horan aren't dating.

While he called her a "cool girl" in a recent interview and there's even been suggestion that they've Skyped with each other — the mark of any true romance — the singer herself, in a new radio interview, says he's nothing more than a pal.

"I don't even know who One Direction is ... it's so crazy. I'm kidding," she told B104 Radio. "No, Niall's a friend of mine. I do know who he is and everyone knows who One Direction is."

While they are just friends, she does note that his "cool" feelings for her are reciprocated. "But, yeah, we're just friends," she said. "And he's awesome."

Regardless of where Demi and Niall stand in the romance department, Niall's bandmates hinted he might want to be more than friends in a recent appearance on the Canadian entertainment news show "etalk." In a game called "Rapid Fire Romance," a photo of a female celebrity would show up, and the guys had to pick which of their bandmates would be the best match. When Demi's photo came up in the pile, Horan's bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, joked, "Niall. 100 percent."

From there, Harry Styles, had a bit more fun at Horan's expense, further joking, "Niall dreams dirty things!"

Since the guys dropped their chart-topping debut, Up All Night, there have been a number of romance rumors about them floating around. Most notably, Harry Styles had been famously linked to Taylor Swift for some time. When MTV News chatted with the guys earlier this year about all the love they have been receiving from the pop world's biggest princesses, they admitted they didn't mind all the attention.

"[It's] really exciting, I suppose," Liam Payne said back in April shortly after they performed at the Kids' Choice Awards. "And even following Katy Perry on the stage as well was a big thing for us. It's just amazing to be in the same room as these sort of people, for us to just come over from England and just be involved."