'American Idol' Finalist Jessica Sanchez Headed To 'Glee'

Teenage phenom is in final negotiations for multi-episode arc next season.

As if there weren't already enough excitement surrounding the slightly restructured fourth season of "Glee," with the characters' story lines picking up after high school, word on the street is that an "American Idol" finalist will be joining the cast in the fall.

According to TV Line, 16-year-old phenom Jessica Sanchez is in final negotiations to join Rachel, Finn, Mr. Schu and the rest of the "Glee" gang for a multi-episode arc. There is no word on what specific role Sanchez will play, or whether she'll be part of McKinley High's National Championship-winning New Directions or will surface in the form of competition at another school.

Because of Sanchez's previous commitments to the summer "Idol" tour, she won't be able to appear on the hit series until closer to the halfway mark of season four. If and when Sanchez's stint on the show is officially announced, the California native will join an illustrious list of famous "Glee" guest stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, Lindsay Lohan and international pop star Charice.

In addition to juggling her responsibilities on the "Idol" tour and the potential gig on "Glee," the pint-sized powerhouse is also hard at work on her first solo album, which she hopes has more of an urban sound.

"I don't want people to just hand me music and be like, 'Here, you sound good on this. Sing it.' I want to be able to say, 'This is me,' " Sanchez told MTV News recently, adding that she has high hopes for some A-list contributors on the album.

"This is going to seem odd, but I love Eminem, because he has so much conviction and emotion in the way he raps; every word that he raps, you feel it," she said. "And I think our talents would mesh. So, hopefully, it could happen, and I would just die if he'd collaborate with me!"

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