'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Teaser Trailer: Meet The New Vampires

Latest peek at the saga's finale offers up first looks at newbies Lee Pace, Rami Malek and more.

Jacob Black may have said it best: "A lot of red eyes around here."

The latest teaser trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hit the Web Wednesday (June 20), and it's brimming with a bounty of new bloodsuckers descending upon Forks to defend the Cullen clan (including newborn Renesmee) against the villainous Volturi. Let's take a closer look at the saga's fresh blood.

Maggie Grace as Irina

OK, this isn't exactly our first glimpse of the Denali coven member, as she made a brief appearance at Bella and Edward's nuptials during "Breaking Dawn - Part 1." But her role in the series finale is profound enough to warrant a mention. You see, it's Irina who tells the Volturi that the Cullens have supposedly created an immortal child — the result of biting a youngster, freezing them in a perpetual adolescence. Of course, we know that Renesmee is a rare vampire-human hybrid, having been conceived by Bella and Edward. The Volturi don't know that, though, so they set off to exact punishment for the high crime.

Lee Pace as Garrett

No, that isn't Mark Wahlberg reprising his "Rock Star" role, it's "Pushing Daisies" actor Lee Pace looking all kinds of scruffy as nomadic vampire Garrett. (No room for a blow-dryer on the road, I guess!) Unlike many of the assembled immortals, Garrett doesn't have a special talent — except maybe fortitude, as his ability to endure fellow vampire Kate's powers stops her from attacking the Volturi and inciting a blood bath. In the trailer, it looks as though Garrett may have already aligned himself with the Denali coven before the events of "Breaking Dawn," which would be a departure from Stephenie Meyer's source material.

Rami Malek as Benjamin

One of the more intriguing moments from the latest look is Benjamin's rather damp display of talent. The Egyptian coven member can control the elements and does so in grand fashion, bending a swath of water to his will. Like Bella, Benjamin spends a great deal of time during "Part 2" practicing and harnessing his abilities for use against the Volturi.

Joe Anderson as Alistair

The blond bloodsucker you see sparingly throughout the trailer is English vamp Alistair, a longtime friend of Carlisle Cullen. Alistair spends most of his time sulking in the attic and disappears before the Volturi arrive. Seeing as he gets a few good looks here, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think he might stick around for the final face-off in this iteration.

Judith Shekoni as Zafrina and Tracey Heggins as Senna

Zafrina and Senna, along with maker Kachiri, comprise the Amazon coven. Zafrina boasts the ability to create vivid illusions and spends time entertaining Renesmee with her mental images. But it's Kachiri (not seen in the trailer) who helps Alice and Jasper track down important immortal-children evidence to present to the Volturi in the Cullens' defense.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hits theaters November 16.

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