Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Confident Jack Will 'Conquer' MS

Ozzy wants Jack to get a second opinion on diagnosis.

Just days after Jack Osbourne
 revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year, rocker dad Ozzy Osbourne has come out encouraging his son to get a second opinion. Ozzy, 63, told Britain's Hello! magazine that he was, "misdiagnosed with MS a few years ago. It took them six months to work out I have a rare hereditary tremor called Parkin Syndrome."

Given his experience, Ozzy has told Jack that he should undergo further testing to make certain that he has MS
 and not some other illness that may be curable. Jack underwent tests in April following the birth of his daughter, Pearl Clementine, when he noticed he'd lost vision in one eye and was experiencing headaches.

He told the magazine that MS is not unknown in his family. "Mum took it really quite hard," Jack said. "My uncle on her side has MS and, the way my mum is, she thinks that somehow it's her fault. Both my parents were handling it way worse than I was. They were pretty shaken up about the whole thing."

Mother Sharon Osbourne burst into tears on Monday while discussing the diagnosis on her show, "The Talk."

"He's great, he's doing really really good," she said. "I want to thank everyone for your goodwill and messages ... It's been amazing for Jack, because I really believe that vibes and prayer help. And what I'm doing right now is not helping, because I'm just feeling sorry for myself, and that is no good. So we have to think positively and get on with this show that we love."

By the time she sat down with Conan O'Brien on Tuesday night, though, she had composed herself and was feeling more upbeat about Jack's prognosis. "It's actually been a month and we kept it to ourselves for a month," she said. "He is actually doing amazing, he is so strong and positive ... my son will conquer!"

In the cover story of the new issue of People magazine, Jack reveals that realized something was wrong with him when he "couldn't see anything in front of me." At this point, he's experiencing an 80 percent vision loss in his right eye, but hoping that medication and a healthier diet might help reduce the symptoms of the disease, which attacks the brain and spinal cord.

"It's just one of those things you take as it comes," said Jack, whose vision has improved. "It's all about your outlook." Promising his life is "far from over," Jack is keeping a positive attitude, something Ozzy praised. "He's handled it much better than I would have," the hard rock icon told the magazine. "He's a very strong kid."

Besides, added "America's Got Talent" judge and cancer survivor Sharon, 59, "Osbournes survive everything. We really do."