'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer: Our Wish List

Let's kill some time before Wednesday's sneak peek by thinking up our dream trailer, in 'Twilight' Tuesday.

Is it Wednesday yet?

We are anxiously awaiting the debut of yet another expectedly epic teaser trailer for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," and although there was a brief moment of reprieve when we got a sneak peek at 13 seconds of the teaser on Tuesday (June 19), we're now in full-on obsessive analytical mode, which means it's time to think about the five things we're hoping to see in this new trailer:

Renesmee, Renesmee, Renesmee

As much as we'd like to ooh and ahh over how cute Edward and Bella's progeny is as a baby, now that we've seen a photo of Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee, we're thirsty for scenes of the young lass in action. Baby? What baby? As we all know, her existence is a continued threat to the Volturi, so we're hoping to see some of that intensity play out.

New Vampires!

It seems like I write about this every week, but I'm still dying to see more of those new additions to the cast, i.e. all the other vampires from the non-Cullen clan. Where and why are you hiding Garrett, Carmen, Irina, etc.?

Vampire Bella's Mind Tricks

We very likely won't be seeing Bella's secret superpower until the end of the movie, but how about showing us a little sample of what she can do with her soon-to-be-superstrong mental force field? I'll settle for a quick glimpse of her arm-wrestling battle royale with Emmett, but it would be great to see how Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg adapted Stephenie Meyer's description of Bella's mind tricks.

The Next Great "Twilight" Song

Biased as I am, it's going to be hard for anyone to top the Edward/Bella love song from "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last, but in knowing the caliber of the "Twilight" soundtracks, I'm betting it will include several potential new favorite songs. So why not give us a little listen in this new trailer?

Jacob Not Being Creepy With Renesmee

I am all about my love for Jacob, but the whole imprinting on Renesmee thing still creeps me out. I know, I know, he only feels and thinks about his total devotion to the young lady, but I just can't get past the oddness of it all. Something that would help me get over that is if I could see how Taylor Lautner's Jacob interacts with Foy as Renesmee.

What do you want to see in the trailer? Let us know in the comments or tweet me @karawarner!

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