Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Navigates 'Maze' Of Fame

'It's kind of like the labyrinth of my life in the past two years,' she tells MTV News during 'MTV First: Katy Perry.'

Inevitable endings and new beginnings are just two themes in Katy Perry's new video for "Wide Awake," the final single from the pop titan's megahit Teenage Dream album. Our favorite California Gurl recently sat down with MTV News' Sway Calloway for "MTV First: Katy Perry" to chat about closing this rollercoaster ride of an era with the Dr. Luke-produced cut.

Recalling how the midtempo tune materialized after her "Katy Perry: Part of Me 3-D" docu-concert team asked for an ending credit tune, the singer said: "It kind of is like the perfect last word of me at this moment."

"It's kind of like the labyrinth of my life in the past two years," she continued. "I just wanted to tell a story about myself kind of going through this journey, maybe sometimes trying to get out of the maze. There's good parts and bad parts."

But she's not alone in the visual, as a younger version of Perry helps the starlet through the mystical maze, evading paparazzi, horned men and a deceitful Prince Charming. "I think what kept me going is the purity in my belief of music and my love for music; that's the younger version of me," she said of the mini-Katy symbolism.

As for what Katy's learned from her trials and hardships, the singer showed off an arm tattoo that reads "Go with the flow" and explained how the message has turned into a life motto.

"That is how I have to live my life sometimes, because there's always great things that pop up. There's bad things that get in your way," she admits. "I mean, it's an obstacle course. Of course, it's a fun one. You just have to be prepared and strong and ready for it. In this music video, I came out at the other end learning a lesson and feeling strong enough to get back out on that stage."

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