'Killing' Season Finale: The Killer Speaks

Actress Jamie Anne Allman, who plays Aunt Terry on the AMC drama, speaks out about staying silent on her killer secret.

Two seasons and 26 episodes later, "The Killing" has finally answered the nagging question it first posed in its pilot episode: Who killed Rosie Larsen? The answer, tragically enough, was never far from home.

In the end, Rosie was killed by a one-two punch from Richmond campaign aide Jamie Wright and her own aunt Terry, who unwittingly delivered the killing blow. Though writers claim to have known the killer's identity since the show's first episode, "Killing" actress Jamie Anne Allman — who plays Terry on the AMC drama — didn't learn about her character's murderous actions until the eleventh hour.

"[Showrunner Veena Sud] had called me a couple hours before I was going in to read for the table read for episode 13, the last episode, that I was the killer," Allman told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview. "When she gave me the news, I was upset, I started crying. I actually thought that while I was contemplating, 'What if I'm the killer?' that I'd be excited, but I started crying and started feeling bad for Terry. 'Oh man, this is a really tragic situation.' "

Allman said she was "shocked" and "surprised" by the "intense" revelation, and that preserving the secret of being the show's titular killer was not an easy one to keep.

"I thought I would just blab [it] out," she admitted. "Even now, me being able to talk about it is weird because I haven't been able to talk about it for so long. It's not a dream if people are seeing it on TV, though, is it?"

Ultimately, while she's not happy that Terry wound up being Rosie's killer, Allman said that she's satisfied by the turn of events.

"I don't know if I would say happy but I would say fulfilled," she said. "I feel like there is justice and a lot of people got to know someone who made a lot of bad choices. And have a little more understanding as to why she made those choices."

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