Father's Day: Top Five Worst Movie Dads And Why We Love Them

In honor of Father's Day, we name our favorite 'worst' dads in film, from Mrs. Doubtfire to Darth Vader.

The movies have given us some of the best and worst fathers in the history of pop culture. A deadbeat dad can spark the action for an entire film, and a good one can inspire the lesson you're supposed to take home from a movie.

But some dads are just so wonderfully misguided, so hilariously unfit for their role that we can't help but love them. So in honor of Father's Day, here is our rundown of some of our favorite best worst dads in film history.

Odin - "Thor"

Sure, he's the All Father, dad to Thor, and pretty terrible stepfather to Loki, but when he's really needed, what does he do? He goes into his "Odinsleep." Earth was on the brink of destruction thanks to Loki's treacherous ways, and Odin's solution is to take a nap? Granted he wakes up just in time to save Thor from falling off of the destroyed Bifröst, but we could have avoided a lot of this if he had just stayed awake a little longer.

Mrs. Doubtfire - "Mrs. Doubtfire"

There are few things that prove a man's dedication to his children like disguising himself as an elderly English woman and posing as their nanny. Also, there are fewer things that are as creepy. Robin Williams helped sell the whole notion as something that is sweet and endearing rather than a serious case of child endangerment, but the second you take a step back to think about it, the scenario seems less cutesy.

Darth Vader - "Star Wars"

Anakin Skywalker is ultimately a victim of the dark side, but you still kind of have to blame him for how long it took him to realize that he was the bad guy. The Emperor literally had to electrocute Vader's own son in front of him to get him to snap out of it. He does get some bonus points for tossing the dude down the bottomless pit.

Randy Marsh - "South Park"

There aren't many redeeming qualities to Stan's dad, Randy. He drinks, frequently ends up in his underwear and is terrible at playing "Wheel of Fortune." But there is no other fictional father that has worked his way into our hearts by being so thoroughly terrible. If you think that Randy has no right to be as bad of a dad as he is, we have this to say to you: "I thought this was America."

Engineers - "Prometheus"

(Spoilers Ahead ...)

The ripped pale guys from "Prometheus" may have created all of us by drinking the black goo and falling into a waterfall, but then what? They tried to destroy us, and they didn't even have the decency to explain why. We'll hold out more definitive judgments for a second viewing or maybe a sequel, but for now, they're kind of deadbeats.

Who's your favorite "worst" dad? Tell us in the comments!

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