Nas' Father's Day Brunch Salutes All Dads

'Mother's Day is #1, but every once in a while, let's remember the fathers too,' Nas tells MTV News.

Nas takes being a dad seriously. On his debut 1994 album, Illmatic, God's Son lightly touched on his first forays into fatherhood, and as his catalog grew, so did his subject matter. In 2004, he saluted his own pop, Olu Dara, and even collaborated with his old man on his "Bridging the Gap" single. But this year on Father's Day, the Queensbridge rap great plans to toss a nod to all dads with a special brunch in his native New York City.

"I'm doing a Father's Day brunch to just celebrate the fathers out there," Nas told MTV News on Tuesday. "It's important that we acknowledge that, because family is a very important thing, and Mother's Day is #1, but every once in a while, let's remember the fathers too."

For the brunch, Nasir hooked up with New York radio station Hot 97 to hold a contest. Fans wrote in and explained what makes their dad great, and the writers of the best entries get to spend the day with the rap star.

It all falls in line with Nas' latest single, "Daughters." Rather than romanticize the role that dads play in their children's lives, Esco tells a story of real-life mistakes that both he and his teenage daughter Destiny Jones have made throughout the years.

"When I cut the record, it was like my daughter was on Twitter and tweeting crazy stuff, and I'm like, 'Yo, what are you doin'?' " Nas recalled.

The rapper soon realized that his girl had a public persona online much like a rapper would through his music and videos. By tweeting pictures of condoms and sending other suggestive messages, Destiny came off as a wild child when various blog sites picked up on her activities.

"She was creating this image on Twitter, this raunchy kinda style that was more for the Internet world, but not realizing people pick up these sorta things and put it on their websites," he explained. "I think my record is me being angry at her, angry at myself and just really shouting out to fathers out there."

While "Daughters" is new, the type of self-reflection the Illmatic MC displays on the record is not dissimilar from other records in his catalog. On his 2002 LP God's Son, Nas opened up about his mother's death from cancer on the song "Dance." It's his introspection that truly makes Nas great. "I understand people might not get it, but this is how I express myself," he said.

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