Justin Bieber Shows 'Romantic' Side On 'Today' Show, Fans Rave

'We saw his face — his actual personal face,' one fan gushes to MTV News after Beliebers camped out for days before the set.

Thousands of Justin Bieber fans waited out in the rain, cold, heat and sun for days prior to his "Today" show appearance on Friday (June 15) to catch a glimpse of the singer. And when Bieber finally took the stage during the morning show, he didn't disappoint.

"The performance was amazing," Lacey told MTV News. "We saw his face — his actual personal face.

"His new album is definitely his best. He sounds more mature," she said, before adding that a true Belieber is "someone who would be willing to drive four hours after working an eight-hour shift to catch a mere glimpse of him."

Bieber not only dazzled the crowd with older hits like "Baby" and new cuts off his June 19 release, he also brought rapper Big Sean out to the stage to add a little edge to their new song "As Long as You Love Me."

But that surprise guest was only one of the many moments that had fans swooning. Julieta said, "My favorite part of the concert was when he sang 'Die in Your Arms,' because he just showed the romantic side of him."

While Julieta liked the set most when Bieber kicked it new school, another fan, Kim, enjoyed hearing Bieber pull out one of his My World standards. "I really liked when he sang 'Baby' because it just kind of brought back old times," she said. "And it was cool: My favorite song is 'All Around the World' cause it's really upbeat and catchy."

Bieber drops his new album, Believe, on Tuesday. He's also set to hit the road for a tour later this year. And if the TV performance was any indication of what the tour will be like, his fans should be stoked.

"He was jumping up and down and he was dancing," Grace said of Friday's set. "And it just made the crowd more excited."

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