Justin Bieber Brings Out Big Sean For 'Today' Show Performance

'I've been working hard and I'm confident in the album,' the singer tells Matt Lauer of Believe, which drops Tuesday.

Some Fridays in June are simply dubbed "summer Fridays," but this one in particular was a very special "Justin Bieber summer Friday." Bieber kicked off his electrifying performance on the "Today" show with "Boyfriend," the funky lead single off his new album, Believe.

From there he popped, locked and sang his way through his catalogue of tracks, some from his June 19 album release and some from his past albums. He brought the energy for his My World track "Baby" (even rapping his way through Ludacris' part), but he brought out Big Sean to rap alongside him on "As Long as You Love Me." He had recently teased on Twitter that he had plans to bring out a special guest.

"Make some noise for the legendary, one-and-only Justin Bieber," Sean told the audience after they wrapped up. As for Bieber, well, he only had eyes for his fans. "I want to say thank you guys so much for waiting. I really appreciate it," he told the crowd.

Justin's fans camp out in the rain for three days!

Bieber also performed "All Around the World," but in between songs, he met fans and chatted with them about their signs. He even picked a fan whose sign he liked best and gave her tickets to his upcoming tour.

"I'm really excited to be able to travel the world again and see all my fans. ... Everyone, they got to believe," he said of the trek.

Before he took the stage at Rockefeller Plaza, Bieber sat down with Matt Lauer and opened up about making a mature album.

"At the end of the day, it is [a lot of pressure]. I'm 18 and I have a lot of insecurities, and at the end of the day, me being in my position, it doesn't, like, get rid of those insecurities," he said.

"And so coming out with this album, I know I've been working hard on it and I know I've been doing well, so I'm confident in the album. But, you know, it's coming out in two days.

"But I think it's about proving people wrong," he added. "And going out and making good music and going out there and performing better than everyone else, and that's what you have to do to cross over.

Otherwise I'm going to be another teen heartthrob. I want to be remembered."

Recently, his manager, Scooter Braun, said that despite being legal, Bieber will still get a lot of guidance. That doesn't seem to be something that the singer minds. "I think that I'm at a place. I'm 18. I'm still growing up. I'm still learning about different things: girls, my music," he said. "So I'm not all the way there, but I'm at a stage where I'm growing and my fans are growing with me and I want to make music that reflects that."