Steve Carell Challenges Channing Tatum To An Ab-Off

Carell jokes to MTV News about his co-star in Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher': 'He doesn't threaten me. Come on!'

Channing Tatum, the challenge has been made.

When MTV News spoke with Steve Carell during a press day for his new film, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World," he filled us in on the status of his upcoming project, Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher."

"I am beginning shooting on that in October. I don't know when they're going to release it," Carell said. "I've signed on to do it. I'm excited. It's a good script."

Miller, the director of "Moneyball," will helm a cast that includes Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Tatum. "Foxcatcher" tells the true-life story of John duPont, millionaire and member of the famous family. DuPont established a wrestling training site for Olympians, and one day murdered gold medalist David Schultz (Tatum).

The project is certainly high profile, considering both the A-list cast and the awards success Miller had last year with "Moneyball" and his first feature, "Capote."

Carell seemed genuinely excited about the start of production, but when the discussion turned to a potential abdominal comparison between him and Tatum, things got deathly serious and seriously funny.

Asked if he was getting in shape, Carell replied: "No need. We could have a pose-off right now, and I would just win hands down — no competition there."

Not letting the topic end there, he joked of Tatum, "He doesn't threaten me. Come on!"

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" opens in theaters June 22.

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