'Spider-Man' Villains: Who Are Andrew Garfield's Favorites?

The lifelong Spidey fan picks which of the hero's foes he favors.

Spider-Man does not have it easy. Web-slinging, wall-crawling and spider-sense aside, all of the gifts in Peter Parker's utility belt have to come together perfectly if he's ever to stand a chance against his adversaries ... and believe us, he has many of them.

In his film career alone, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has gone web to who-knows-what against the likes of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Venom. "The Amazing Spider-Man" adds another baddie to that storied list: the Lizard, the reptilian freak of science played by actor Rhys Ifans in the Marc Webb-directed reboot.

Though Ifans and others involved with "Spider-Man" would caution you not to label Lizard as a villain — in fairness, he's born from a good place, as his human alter-ego Doctor Curt Connor becomes the scaly menace only after attempting a revolutionary breakthrough in regenerative medicine — there's no doubt that the clawed creature has it out for the kid swinging around Manhattan in red and blue tights.

But whom will Spider-Man go up against when the inevitable "Amazing" sequel flies into theaters in 2014? Speaking with MTV News, star Andrew Garfield kept his lips sealed as far as revealing any information, but the lifelong Spidey fan was considerably more forthcoming when it came time to name his favorites of the hero's sinister enemies.

"I love all of them. I like Elektro, he's one of the ones I'm very into," said the actor. "I really like the [Green] Goblin, obviously, and I love Doc Ock. I think I like Doc Ock especially because of what Alfred Molina did [with the character in 'Spider-Man 2']. I don't know; he made that so memorable and kind of profound, somehow."

One Spider-Man villain that Garfield has a harder time swallowing is Kraven the Hunter, the big game hunter who comes after the arachnid-friendly hero for sport.

"Oh man. Kraven, that campy lion hunter," he laughed when the villain was brought up, before finally confessing, "I like Kraven. I like Kraven a lot."

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