Cody Simpson Explains What Makes His EP 'Uniquely Me'

Aussie singer gives fans a preview of his full-length Paradise album with four-track EP.

Before Cody Simpson drops his full-length Paradise album in October, he's giving fans a bit of a preview with a four-track EP released on Tuesday (June 12). And from the looks of Preview to Paradise, there's a mix of everything, all with that Simpson touch.

"I wanted to show each aspect of the album and they all fit together well, while being diverse at the same time," the Aussie told MTV News on Tuesday. "With my single 'Wish You Were Here,' it showed the dance/pop side of my album. [With] 'Gentleman,' I wanted to showcase the singer/songwriter aspect of what I do and I thought they all went well together as well.

"My favorite song? I don't know! It's like having four little kids," he added. "You can't really pick a favorite, but I do like 'Wish You Were Here' because it's a great dance song and will be my single for the summer."

"Wish You Were Here" certainly proclaims his love for pop music, and having hit the studio with two of the biggest producers/writers working in the game only adds to the song's pure pop feel, highlighted by the song's pulsing beat and Simpson's swoon-worthy admissions like "All I want/ Is to be home with you."

"It's a really great feeling when you put a song out there that you feel could compete with artists like the biggest artists out there right now. It's amazing," he said. "I recorded this song with amazing producers Dr. Luke ... and I wrote it with Taio Cruz and they both had a lot of experience and a lot of big summer hits. It's cool to be able to work with people that have had experience with that [and] make it as best as it can be while making it my own."

However, while "Wish" is a dance-influenced track, he notes that his musical signature isn't in the world of churning out club-bangers. "Being a pop artist you also have to have your own little twist here and there," he said.

"I feel like when you get to know an artist and you listen to all their music you kind of start to see things that they do in songs that make it [theirs]. I play a lot of guitar. 'Wish You Were Here' doesn't have too much guitar in it, but I feel like that's uniquely me."

In addition to dropping Preview to Paradise, the singer is wrapping up his own spate of shows this week. Then he will hit the road with Big Time Rush beginning in July. The tour will kick off on July 5 in Columbus, Ohio, before wrapping up in September, just in time for him to catch his breath before his album drops on October 2.