Far East Movement Bring In The 'Next Generation' For Dirty Bass

Dance music group enlisted collaborators from Justin Bieber to Tyga for their June 12 album release.

The guys of Far East Movement wanted to shake things up a bit for their new album, Dirty Bass, in order to get you shaking in the club.

They not only wanted to make beats that would get people dancing even dirtier when they hit the dance floor, giving the album its title, they also wanted to get people to scratch their heads when they heard just who they had enlisted for the release, out this week.

Far East Movement recruited some unexpected A-listers for Dirty Bass, ranging from pop titans like Justin Bieber and Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz to urban music's own prince and princess, Tyga and Cassie.

"A lot of it's people that we're fans of," Kev Nish told MTV News. "For the first album, Free Wired, it was people that were more established in the game, like people we were complete fans of ... Snoop Dogg, OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder [and] Keri Hilson. For this album, we wanted to have people we were fans of but sort of the next generation, up-and-coming."

So when it came to their June 12 release, they got some of the biggest names from this new class to hop on their body-popping dance tracks. "We wanted a different style of newer artists to define this album, so that's where we're at. We took the album in two different ways," Nish added.

He broke it down a bit further. "One was, it's going to be that sound because nowadays the dance music [sound] in hip-hop, in pop, in all forms of music is ... very saturated now. So we always try and find, even when we first came out with 'Girls on the Dance Floor' [and] 'Like a G6,' it was definitely a newer sound for the radio. We know now what we can do to differentiate.

"We said, 'Let's bring in collaborations that people in the dance world wouldn't expect,' but we wanted to experiment that bass," he continued. "We took the bass boundaries on a few songs to new levels and threw on amazing artists like Tyga, [tourmate] Natalia Kills. We're experimenting, but we're also giving you that sound that you want to party to and you might recognize in the club."