Justin Bieber, Big Sean Get Romantic On 'As Long As You Love Me'

Big Sean collabo is the latest single off Bieber's June 29 release, Believe.

With eight days until the release of Believe, Justin Bieber is giving his fans a pretty good idea of what they should expect from his upcoming album.

Having already dropped a teaser with super-short snippets to tracks (ranging from dance-heavy to R&B-flavored), as well as several full-length songs, including his collaboration with Ludacris on "All Around the World," on Monday he treated fans to the Big Sean-featuring club-banger, "As Long as You Love Me."

The song is full of vocal loops complemented by a booming beat courtesy of Rodney Jerkins, who got some writing and production assistance from the Messengers' Nasri, Andre Lindal and Bieber himself. "As long as you love me/ We could be starving/ We could be homeless/ We could be broke," Bieber sings over a staccato beat and handclaps, with an undercurrent of a swirling-sounding synth. "As long you love me/ I'll be your platinum/ I'll be your silver/ I'll be your gold," he adds.

Bieber is joined by Big Sean, who shows his own flair for wooing ladies using words thanks to lines like, "I don't know if this makes sense/ But you're my hallelujah."

He's hardly the first teen heartthrob to release a song with that title. Shortly after he released a link to the song, the Backstreet Boys reminded fans they too proclaimed their unconditional love for that special someone 15 years on a song of the same name. They simply tweeted, "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did,#AsLongAsYouLoveMe."

But, for this generation of teen girls, it's all about Bieber. In addition to Big Sean and Luda, Bieber also enlisted Nicki Minaj and Drake for duets on the album. On the production end, he worked with heavyweights like Babyface, Hit-Boy and Max Martin.

Which "As Long as You Love Me" do you prefer: Bieber's or the Backstreet Boys'? Leave your comment below!