'True Blood' Premiere Leaves Fans Thirsty For Answers

Season five kicked off as sexy as ever, but we've still got some secrets we'd like to uncover.

Just when we were thinking that this summer needed a little more sizzle, HBO's steamy vampire soap "True Blood" returned with all the nudity, over-the-top sex scenes and drama we'd been missing. Spoilers ahead for those who haven't yet watched the season five premiere. For those who have, read on as we wrestle with a few new burning questions, along with some unanswered holdovers:

How will Eric and Bill Be Punished?

If there is anyone within the "True Blood" universe who takes corporal punishment seriously, it's the Vampire Authority. As such, there is no way that Eric and Bill will escape their uptight, unforgiving clutches without a few flesh wounds. The King and his Sheriff really should face the True Death for their sins against the Authority, but we all know that there is no way HBO would kill off two of the most beloved characters — this isn't "Game of Thrones." So the question remains: How will Bill and Eric pay for their crimes?

What Big Secret Is Terry Hiding From Arlene?

We've known about Terry Bellefleur's PTSD demons for several seasons now, but they haven't posed a serious problem story-wise until this season. Clearly the arrival and continued presence of Terry's war buddy Patrick (Scott Foley) is causing serious stress for several reasons, but why? What really happened that night in Iraq? And since this is "True Blood," what sort of supernatural elements might be in play?

When Will Alcide Find Out About Debbie?

Those of us who've read Charlaine Harris' books know that the Debbie Pelt murder plotline provided for plenty of drama between Sookie and Alcide, which makes us wonder just how long Alan Ball and company will draw out this particular plot point this season. Yes, Sookie killed someone, but because it was in self-defense, why do she and Lafayette have to be so secretive about it? Alcide knew that Debbie hated Sookie, surely he'll understand? Regardless, we imagine Alcide will find out right before he and Sookie hookup or profess love to each other or something dramatic.

What Happened to Jesus' Body?

Poor Lafayette. The man has been through some serious emotional strife. He finally allows himself to fall in love with a decent man for once, and that man turns out to be a brujo who in turn helps Lafayette uncover a few supernatural abilities of his own, which eventually leads to his death at the hands of Lafayette (who was possessed at the time). All Lafayette wanted to do was bury his dead lover's body and say goodbye, but now his body is missing? What the heck happened to it? Who would take a dead man's body and what will they do with it? We've already seen Jesus' ghost once, will we be seeing him later this season fully reanimated in some way, shape or form?

How Undead Is Tara?

Tara's not dead! More specifically Tara is now undead, a vampire. The last we saw of her she wanted to drain the life from her BFF Sookie, but we know that won't happen. Odds are that Tara is not going to be pleased about being turned into a vampire, by Pam of all people, so how is she going to handle that? We don't see her becoming BFFs with any of the vamps who terrified her before so this plotline could get really ugly really quickly. Maybe she could befriend Jessica? Tara is the most stubborn character on the show, so she's going to have to be forced into seeking or receiving help, but from whom?

What questions did you have after the "True Blood" premiere? Leave your comment below!