Britney Spears, Demi Lovato Walk Off During 'X Factor' Audition

Sources say judges 'didn't want to waste their time' with lousy contestant in Kansas City.

One "X Factor" contestant learned what happens when you attempt to pull a fast one on the judges. Over the weekend, while Britney

Spears, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and seat-filling judge Louis Walsh (who was assisting an ill Simon Cowell) were in Kansas City, Missouri they walked out on one contestant who attempted to audition with his back to the judges.

According to sources, not only did the contestant audition with his back to the panel, but he also wasn't all that talented of a singer, adding insult to injury. "It was really awkward," an eyewitness told the site of the kooky audition. "You could tell the judges were done. I don't think they had a choice. They didn't want to waste their time."

Another onlooker added that the male contestant didn't leave the judges much of an option given his lack of talent. "He was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude ... [The judges] all hated it and walked off," the source said. Additionally, he had no idea they had walked out since his back was to them for his entire performance.

Everyone except Britney eventually made their way back to the judges'

table to hear the last contestant. Spears' absence was met with the audience chanting, "Where's Britney?" However, she was only gone for a short time, as she returned later on for another batch of contestants.

Spears and Lovato made their debut as "X Factor" judges in late May, weeks after Cowell and Reid appeared at the Fox upfront alongside the singers to announce them as additions to the show. "Just really being able to be there and inspire the other contestants ... they're so young and they're trying to fulfill their dreams," Spears said at the event. "It's just a whole beautiful concept. It's just really cool."