Madonna Flashes Breast At Audience In Istanbul

While performing 'Human Nature,' Madonna pulled her bra down and exposed her right nipple.

When paparazzi photographers catch a glimpse of a starlet accidentally showing more skin than she intended it's called a "nip slip." But what do you call it when you purposely pull down your bra to give thousands of fans a peek at your lady bits?

Madonna found out on Thursday night when the 53-year-old singer gave fans in Istanbul an eyeful during a performance of "Human Nature."

According to a video of the incident posted on YouTube, the singer removed her white dress shirt, then a lacy piece of lingerie before first pulling down the strap of her bra, then thinking better of it and just doing the full monty and pulling her right breast out to the cheers of the audience. She shot her fans a naughty girl "oops" look before threatening to drop trou as well and then turning around to show a huge temporary tattoo on her back reading "No Fear."

It was the latest attempt at outrage on the veteran pop star's MDNA tour. She kicked it off in Tel Aviv, Israel by taking a shot at Lady Gaga
 by playing a mash-up of her "Express Yourself" with Gaga's similar-sounding "Born This Way" and then ending the song by chanting, "She's not me." Gaga appeared to respond
 to the dis during her show in New Zealand on Thursday.

She also angered the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen during the same show
 by flashing a photo of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead, which prompted a threat of legal action from the French politician.